Without You

Without You

Night is a day without its sun
and day is a night without its stars
without you

Love is a cheap vile prostitution
and love a mindless hollow promise
without you

Without your heart for their destination
my thoughts refuse to sail.
Desperate they sink to their long dead harbor
and beg to take me with them

Words are meaningless sounds
and my name is Despair
without you

songs do not have music
and smiles have no reason to exist
without you.

The fingers explore my body
to find the traces to prove your touch
to find again the promises of kisses
That when you left they left with you

Freedom is a pierced prison
and life is  a door to death
without you

And this chain of letters
has nothing to say
without you.

Now, go! my hunting hopes
and like cloudmasters chase and find
those kisses he promised to give me
and trap them without regret

and like butterflies on my dress
pin them you, my last breath
and lay beside me among the erth's applause
to be glorified as well, before the curtain falls.

Even alive, I 'm still dead without you.

 Τριανταφυλλιά Ηλιοπούλου
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