The value of collage

    (photo by Crux)

 I feel that collage is the best tool for an artist nowadays to visualize in 2 dimensions the message that wants to convey from his mind to the viewer. Collage is a composition of images and we live at the age of images, we communicate through images and our brain is adapting in order to decode faster the symbolism behind them. Through technology we have access to unlimited images old or new, rare or popular, distant or very close and the tools to create in a digital or analogue form a detailed composition of our opinion on a subject. But collage is also the snapshot of a dream. It operates beyond time and space but keeps a link with the current events, size and colour serve the optimal transmission of the message and not the realistic attribution of the artwork, it uses the language of symbolism which is primordial, universal and knows no boarders and inequalities. So we have a mean of artistic expression which is direct, fast and relies more on the artist’s sensitivity, judgement and aesthetic and less on the complicated techniques of expression that are included in the traditional aspects of fine arts.

A collage artist can operate on a mental level and with simple tools composes and reshapes fragments of reality in order to create a mosaic of images totally dedicated to the message of her/his artwork. As a conclusion i would like to say that the true value of collage is that it has the ability to train our thinking skills in a way that no other form of art can and will. To be a great collage artist means that you are a great thinker first of all. And you must, because 80 percent of the artistic process takes place in your mind. A thinker who is sensitive enough to judge what is important and what is not, a seeker of what is unique rare and different, a composer who gives a sense of unity to all these diverse elements and finally an artist that gives birth this mental process


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